“Alone, Together” is a participatory live work & collaboration with residents living in a high-rise, which utilises letters, light and music as the base of communication and creation. The work explores ideas around isolation and alienation, community and action. The building is anthropomorphised, through the engagement of the residents, with the light symbolising their presence and action, and depicting the tensions between togetherness and separation.

[Over 500 letters were sent to Landmark Heights, Fred Wigg & John Walsh Towers, Southmere Estate (Thamesmead), Sparkford & Selworthy House]

Finalist, MTV RE:DEFINE Award 2019

Preview (above): Alone, Together ft. Landmark Heights & Illum Sphere (track sent to residents)

Phone footage (below)

IMG_20190817_172118_108 (1).jpg

Above: Still from other locations